valentines and mardi gras

I didn’t make it to brunch with the new men’s social group Out & About on the day after Valentines because I was stuck in boulder after sleeping over the night before. It goes without saying that the Red Party was a good ole time.




I volunteered there for a friend, met lots of the Boulder Pride staff and volunteers, got a great meal for free, and danced all night to the tunes of a (very sharply dressed) Boulder DJ. I even got crepes at 2am. Good times all around.


This past saturday, ELEMENT hosted a dinner for men about town (my words, not theirs a snazzy way to say men who love men) dinner to talk about the project. We did some of that but mostly men got to hang out. I’d forgotten how great it is just to be in the company of other men.


Right after the dinner, I went to my first event for Out & About. One of the members was hosting a movie night. I didn’t know anything about the group or even the movie they were showing until I got there. I tried to hold back any expectations. I got there over 30 minutes late and a half hour into Kinky Boots. The first thing I noticed (after being told I was very late) was that these men were all much older then me. While certainly not a strike against them , it was very interesting, considering I don’t encounter too many older gay men. They seemed to already have a sense of excitement about being together I later asked about. They’d mostly met through the Colorado Prime Timers and had since become friends. I was the only person who’d come as a result of the OutFront ad and so I was kind of a outsider. But they made me feel welcome, caught me up on the movie, told me about the group, and were basically really nice. I’m definitely going to attend more of their events.


That was last weekend. And many days have since passed, including Mardi Gras. Most bars were advertising special parties but the one I ultimately went to was a fundraiser for the the Colorado Anti-Violence Project (CAVP).




I know. Their flier is not very exciting. But they more than made up for it at the party. DJ Tatiana was the host. I can’t get over how good she is a getting the gays pumped. The music was obviously amazing. There was a really diverse crowd, and the decorations and drinks were good. kudos to CAVP. I hope they made a lot of money and new contacts.


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