partner benefits in aurora?



so just last month the aurora city council voted to offer benefits to both same sex partners of city employees and the partners of unmarried hetero employees. that means if you work for the city, your boyfriend can get that oh-so-elusive health care coverage (and all that other city stuff… but i gotta say i’m a big fan of health care).


we’ve had the same thing going in denver for over 10 years and we just got the ability to enter into “agreements” with important people in our lives so they can inherit stuff and make medical decisions, etc. basically some of the rights that marriage allows people. MileHighGayGuy wrote briefly about it on his blog. rights for everyone. now let’s see if we can stop being a right to work state. we’ve got an inclusive ENDA so they can’t fire you for being gay but they can fire you and no tell you why. that’s perfectly ok. harumph.


ps, i found out about aurora from OutFront Colorado. it’s recently come to my attention that some of our community members don’t read out community paper. whats up with that? how do you find out about all the great stuff happening?


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