we like sports too

i don’t usually pay much attention to sports but denver is actually quite a balls happy town… and in this case i specifically mean volleyballs, softballs, and bulls’ balls (or whatever balls they deal with at rodeo type events).




the gay volleyball association is hosting a national tournament next weekend (the same weekend as coronation. talk about uncoordinated. let’s spread the love denver men) at the du courts. i’ll be there on sunday. you should be too.




if you like biking, both OUTspokin’ and the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Boys are have started up in april. OUTspokin’ is having their kick-off and sign-up party on the 15th at charlies and the Bicycle Boys already had their first ride on the 4th. 


the denver area softball league is signing players up for this season at different bars and events all week. and gay and lesbian flag football has already started playing


and if all that weren’t enough, the rodeo association is holding another ghymkhana on the 19th. i’d go if i weren’t already going to see volleyball. grrr…. stupid overlapping events. but at least this way we get to pick and choose. denver apparently has it goin on.


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