Places To Watch Today In Marriage Equality

For y’all who don’t follow gay rights issues it’s important to know today is kind of a big deal.

1) Today the Washington DC City Council will consider honoring same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

2) Today the Maine House Of Representatives is voting on a bill to create marriage equality in that state.  The Senate has already passed a bill and according to PamsHouseBlend here are the possible scenarios:

If the House passes the Senate’s version of this bill, it will go to Governor John Baldacci’s desk for approval.

If the House votes the bill down, then it goes back to the Senate.

It could choose to revise, and re-vote then that version would go back to the house.

it could bounce back and forth between the house and the senate until both agree.

If they can’t then this bill dies.

Once we know how all these things turn out I’ll post something later in the day.


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