Marriage Equality News Roundup

marion_barry_smoking_crackWashington DC

Yesterday the Washington DC Council voted 12-1 to pass a bill recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has indicated he plans to sign the recently passed bill.  Congress has 30 days to review District legislation but it’s yet unclear if anything will be done.

It should be noted former cracks-smoker (seen here) Marion Barry, under pressure from local ministers, was the lone dissenting vote opposing marriage recognition.  Barry also provided this this highly-reasoned quote about marriage in DC,

“All hell is going to break lose.  We may have a civil war. The black community is just adamant against this.”

Council member David A. Catania has indicated he plans to introduce a full marriage equality bill  later in the year.


Yesterday the Maine House passed the same marriage-equality bill as the Senate meaning the bill was sent to the governor’s office for consideration.  Well, this  morning he signed it.

This makes Maine the first state in the nation to initiate and pass a marriage bill on its own, i.e. without a court order which is a huge step.  It will also go a long ways towards disproving the rhetoric of Dobson et. al. who claim gay marriage is “imposed” on us by “activists courts.”


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