Tickets now on sale for Denver gay film fest

cqlogod_2202121The Starz/Tivoli Film Center is holding their annual Cinema Q film festival later this month from May 28-31st.

Why then am I posting about it now?

Cos tickets just went on sale to the general public (that means you).

That’s right, any joe-random-queer-off-the-street can get himself into this festival just by mozieing on down to the box office.

11 different films will be offered so check out the full festival schedule here.

Below the jump are trailers and descriptions for a few that piqued my interest.

Ten More Good Years
Friday, May 29 – 6:00pm
Ten More Good Years follows four LGBT elders and explores the reasons why so many in this community age alone, without financial stability and often return to the closet. We meet men and women who work in the field of aging that help to explain why it is that so many of our Heros have been left behind. Yet there is hope; one thing the AIDS crisis taught the world is that LGBT people take care of their own. While the government continues to ignore the unique challenges and concerns these elders are facing, the gay community is finding ways to care for themselves. Ten More Good Years sheds light on the injustices LGBT elders are facing and offers hope for the future.

Equality U
Sunday, May 31 – 2:00pm
Equality U is a feature-length documentary following a group of 33 young activists on the Soulforce Equality Ride, a first of its kind, two-month, cross-country tour to confront anti-gay discrimination policies at 19 conservative religious and military colleges. It is a story of a group of young people struggling to stand up for what they believe is right. Against the backdrop of the Equality Ride, the film focuses on seven of the ‘Equality Riders’ and two courageous students they encounter along their journey. And while most of the young Riders identify as Christian, not all of them do so in the same way, if at all. At each stop, the Riders exercise ‘relentless non-violent resistance’ and often face arrest for trespassing. They must confront the controversial question: ‘Do schools ultimately have the right to decide who does and doesn’t belong?’ But even in the most seemingly unwelcoming campuses, the Riders find straight students who are interested in a dialogue.  Can this small group of activists sow the seeds of dialogue as their bus rolls down the highway? How will the road change them? For the Riders that identify as both Queer and Christian, how will the journey challenge or transform their faith? And what happens to the outed gay students they encounter and then leave behind?

Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen
Sunday, May 31 – 4:00pm
A portrait of black transmen, Still Black is an alternative feature-length documentary that explores the lives of six black transgender men living in the United States. Through the intimate stories of their lives as artists, students, husbands, fathers, lawyers, and teachers, the film offers viewers a complex and multi-faceted image of race, sexuality, and trans identity.

Sex Positive
Thursday, May 28 – 7:00pm
Maybe it took somebody with no investment in the sexual-culture wars of the 1980s, like 24-year-old filmmaker Daryl Wein, to rediscover a lightning-rod figure like safe-sex pioneer Richard Berkowitz and present him without prejudice. A one-time S/M hustler, Berkowitz and his friend Michael Callen, supported by controversial AIDS researcher Joseph Sonnabend, began urging gay men to avoid unprotected sex as early as 1982 — and were treated as pariahs by the mainstream gay community. Berkowitz is a fascinating, prickly, decidedly unsaintly character, and Wein’s film provides a fascinating and crucial slice of traumatic sexual history that’s all but invisible to younger generations.


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