Photos from Saturday’s marriage rally organized by 3rd grader

We had a couple posts up about it last week but on Saturday Denver third grader Ethan organized, held and spoke at a marriage equality rally on the steps of the capitol building.  From the photos you can see turnout was quite good and all the third graders about made for an adorable media event.

At the bottom of this post you can find some links to video of Ethan’s speech as well as a local news report.


Ethan doing an interview with local news before the rally.


Mindy Barton from The Center served as MC while third graders milled about. Eventually they got tired and sat down on the steps.

Curious how many adults showed up?  More photos after the jump!


More of Mindy and you can see the turnout was pretty good.


Jean Hodges, president of Boulder PFLAG sporting some FAB sunglasses.


A few people brought signs supporting equal marriage.


Chris Hubble of Soulforce addressed Ethan directly in his speech.


Chris had received a rainbow dreamcatcher when he first became involved in activism at Soulforce. He presented it to Ethan during his speech.


CO Queer Straight Alliance heavily promoted the event and Julie Graves who runs the site also spoke.


The event seemed to finish with more people than it started with.


Rep. Mark Ferrandino gave a fabulous and passionate speech.


That kid in front of Mark has amazing hair.


Kyle Kimmal, Ethan's teacher, introduces him. Kid in blue (left) waves his arms around enthusiastically.


Ethan was the headlining speaker.


It really was a beautiful day to be out.

OutFront has video of Ethan’s speech in their post about the rally.  And Channel 7’s report and interview with Ethan can be viewed on their website.

And just a reminder that on the day the CA Supreme Court rules on the validity of Prop 8, Soulforce Denver is having a protest. However since the court could rule anytime between now and June 3rd Soulforce is creating an email list to notify people. To sign up for the notification list contact Soulforce at soulforcedenver@yahoo.com.


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