CA Supreme Court issues ruling on the legal challenge to Prop 8


Six of these people believe your civil rights can be decided by a popular vote.

The CA Supreme Court has upheld the validity of Prop 8 but also chosen to uphold existing marriages performed prior to Prop 8’s enactment. You can download a PDF of their full decision here or read CNN.com’s online coverage here.

And just a reminder Soulforce has a protest/rally planned this afternoon downtown from 3:00-5:00pm.  Here’s the Facebook event invite which has all the details.  There’s a good old fashioned picket along Colfax but the fun part comes around 4:00pm when several volunteers are going to stage a sit-in at the clerk and recorder’s office (where marriage licenses are issued) and quite likely get arrested.  Again, the protest is open to everyone and the whole arresting part is only for the few people who have already volunteered and received special training.

The GLBT Center of Colorado has released a statement on how today’s decision affects couples here in CO:

“A tremendous number of Colorado couples traveled to California from May to November last year while the state recognized same sex marriage,” said Mindy Barton, legal director of the GLBT Community Center of Colorado. “We continue to encourage those couples here in Colorado to use their marriage as an opportunity to educate others about the importance of having the government, not just friends and family, recognize their relationship.”

Meanwhile in CA already swooping into action the Courage Campaign which is running the following TV ad.  God bless them.


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