Celebrating Gay Men’s Communities

Creating new possibilities and new futures for gay men

Denver is fortunate to have many groups of gay men who have come together to create communities. This natural diversity within our community is something to celebrate… something that uplifts and inspires and supports us as gay men. We’re hoping to bring together the many different communities of gay men in an effort to create a more caring, more interesting, more diverse, and more fun gay men’s Denver. Perhaps you’ve experienced a disconnect with other gay men or maybe you’re looking for new ways to enjoy other men’s company. Whether you’re a younger man or an older man, your participation is valuable. Let’s start a new conversation for community that is uplifting and inspiring. We believe that we can create a context for ourselves and our communities that is enlivening and empowering. ELEMENT is a community-based celebration of our individual and collective strength, our innate wisdom as men who love men, and our capacity for creating deep and meaningful communities of men.


ELEMENT, Denver’s Gay Men’s Wellness Initiative, and the reincarnation of Men4Men4Life, is working in partnership with individuals and organizations to help bring our diverse community together to identify, address and triumph over the challenges of complacency, division, and strife. We are a whole community as we work toward our common visions and are shared desires.


1 Response to “About”

  1. 1 cocokirby
    April 9, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    What does that all mean, you ask? That means great events for gay men. Let’s promote and share eachother’s work.

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